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JOIN THE Bumble Road

Welcome to Bumble Road, we are the #1 bath and beauty store in the United States. Our customers are passionate about our products, especially about our line of bath bombs. Our influencers team receives free, pre-release products at no charge. Along with our community, we'll help grow your traffic, reach and influence.


Who Are We Looking For?

Established influencers with engaged audiences who are willing to help build our brand. This is a program for those of you who want to benefit from Bumble Road content every month and a way for you to receive new products to share and talk about on your profiles, channels and blogs.

We receive many applications to join our team but we can only let a few in at a time.   

Think you have what it takes to be a Bumble Road influencer? Apply to be part of our fast-growing and exciting bath & beauty journey with us now!

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