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Welcome to Bumble Road

Apr 19, 2017
Welcome to Bumble Road

I started Bumble Road to help people reduce the amount of stress they have in their lives. High stress causes many health issues and prevents us from living happy, healthy and fulfilled lives.

I found that my favorite way to unwind after a long day on my feet at work was soaking in my tub. The only problem was that it just wasn't enough - my bath needed something more. 

That's when I developed my own Bath Bombs to take my bath to the next level.

When I set out to improve my bath experience, I wanted to include ingredients in my bath bombs that made them look great and smelled amazing. After spending a long day on my feet, my sore muscles needed tending to and my dry skin in the winters was an issue I was constantly battling.

My first goal was to find a moisturizer to help keep my skin feeling soft during the cold, harsh winters that we have here in Philadelphia. After testing literally dozens of different options, I found that shea butter was the clear winner. Other moisturizers left my skin feeling a bit oily but shea butter was the perfect balance between softness and moisturizers.

Next was to help out my poor feet and sore muscles from being on my feet all day at work. Being an athlete in high school, I remembered my trainer recommending that we use an Epsom Salt soak to help with muscle recovery.

Epsom salts are absorbed through your skin which replenish magnesium and electrolyte levels that help relax and heal aches and pains in your muscles. After I made my first bath bomb with Epsom salts and felt the difference in relaxation, I knew that it was a must have ingredient!

I know I wanted my bath to smell and look amazing so I decided to add in essential oils which provided the look and amazing aromas for the bath bombs. Scents such as lavender and vanilla help relax you as you soak in the tub.

As you can see, I have carefully crafted each ingredient that goes into my bath bombs to make them the best at home bath experience I can give you.

I'm super excited to finally launch Bumble Road, myself and the team are working incredibly hard behind the scenes to make sure everything continue to go smoothly. Please feel free to reach out to me at with any questions!

- Angela

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